Fanatic Lahami Bay

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The Southern Red Sea, Egypt -specifically Hamata,”Lahami Bay” -is a well-known spot for wind sports.It is a sandy bay with a large lagoon covering several square kilometers, one of the biggest lagoons you can imagine – it’s just super big. You can stand pretty much everywhere on the beachstarting your watersports activities without swimming and the water is around 22°C to 26°C.

The conditions are really good! No current and flat water make it suitable all levels; Freeride, Freestyle and even for beginners.

BANANA House Reef is one of the best and most famous snorkeling locations. Within fewer than a hundred meters from the beach you will find countless coral barriers, reefs and pillars at depths from 2 to 10 meters that extend out to sea in kilometer-long formations.

This House Reef also features friendly giant Green Sea Turtles that you can swim with up close and personal, since they are accustomed to snorkelers. Rare animals can also be spotted in this reef, which makes it more alluring not only to snorkelers but also to photographers.

Seven Multi sport Magawishmap

The center is located directly in one of the best and biggest spot for Kitesurfing and windsurfing in Hurghada (around 1.5 Kilo meters). Our Beach is split into two areas, the school bay (Spot #1), a training bay for beginner kiters and also for people who are getting up and riding but are not yet confident with their skills. (Spot #2) an intermediate/advanced area for those people who can ride up-wind confidently.

Training Area Spot #1

In the school and training bay there is no dangerous reef or coral blocks for you to worry about. It’s shallow flat water; you can stand pretty much everywhere on the beach. We have one of the easiest environments and safest area around for learning kitesurfing, you’ll find our staff in all the areas watching and waiting to rescue you by zodiac if needed.

Ride Area Spot #2

The main launching area is right in front of the centre, just pump up your kite with our compressor and hit the water. Ride slightly upwind to the famous sand bar located only 300 meters off shore with its flat water areas. The perfect spot for practising those new moves! If you have a problem one of our rescue boats will be there to pick you up and bring you back to the centre.

The conditions are really good! Shallow area with flat water and deeper areas with choppy water make it suitable all levels even for beginners.

Our facilities include: Compressed air for easy pumping of kites, extensive rescue service, equipment cleaning and storage, kite and bladder repair service, Workshop with all necessary tools and spare parts. We have 24/7 wireless internet connection, free of charge for all guests..